A Community Resource for Conflict Resolution

Resolution Skills Centre

Resolution Skills Centre provides mediation and conflict resolution skills training to both individuals and organizations. Our goal is to impact people through the development of skills that lead to happier and more productive organizations, families and communities.

Conflict Resolution Services

Mediation Services provides mediation and other conflict resolution services for neighbours, community organizations, families, and coworkers in conflict. We also work with victims and offenders.

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Assertive Communications | January 17, 2017

People often struggle with finding the balance between passive and aggressive communication. Assertive communication is expressing what you feel, what...

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Building Trusting Organizations | January 25, 2017

Trust is a major factor in how people work together, listen to one another, and build effective relationships. However, the large majority of people a...

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Managing Unresolvable Problems | February 1, 2017

Long-standing challenges at work may be due to competing needs or polarities, such as team vs. individual, competition vs. collaboration, or action vs...

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