To be the leader in conflict resolution services and training.


To help individuals, organizations, and government agencies by promoting, educating and facilitating effective responses to conflict.


The organization, through its services and interactions with others, believes in a holistic approach.

In all our relationships we work in three dimensions: knowing, doing, and being.

  • We question and learn from each other as we strive for excellence in the skills and knowledge we practice and teach.
  • We provide services with integrity and respect, giving exceptional leadership in the areas of conflict resolution and justice.
  • We demonstrate a culture of self-awareness, reflection and mindfulness and hold one another accountable.


Mediation Services was established in 1979 as a project of Mennonite Central Committee Manitoba in response to a concern both for people victimized by crime and for the high number of people being incarcerated in Canada.

We began developing a new process in 1983 to refer select pre-trial court cases to mediation. This eventually led to a youth mediation project and an increased number of referrals from the justice system.

In 1992, we amalgamated with the Community Dispute Centre to become Mediation Services: A Community Resource for Conflict Resolution, with funding from Mennonite Central Committee Manitoba.

Throughout our development, we relied on volunteers to facilitate mediations and made training and apprenticeship development a priority. We developed rigorous standards for our mediators and have maintained our grassroots approach to conflict resolution.

Today, we receive between 300 – 500 court referrals a year to our Restorative Action Centre and provide assistance to many groups, individuals and families through our Community Resolution Centre. Our training initiative Resolution Skills Centre has grown into a vibrant program recognized for its high-quality peacemaking and conflict resolution teachings locally, nationally and internationally.

We have made ourselves a leader in conflict resolution and are proud of the reputation our services and training have developed.