Family Conflict

Community Resolution Centre

We can help families with a variety of conflicts and challenges including parent-teen conflict, adult sibling conflict, elder care, and co-parenting.* Please note that we are not an emergency service. If your matter is urgent please call the police or mobile crisis unit if applicable.

*Although we do not provide divorce and separation mediation we can help separated parents with facilitated conversations around changes to their parenting plan and challenges around communication.

Here’s a snapshot of a few methods we use:

Once an application is submitted a caseworker will contact the parties involved to get a better understanding of their perspective on the conflict. All parties will have independent contact with the caseworker prior to joint conversations. For family matters often parties have many topics or issues they’d like to discuss. Caseworkers help the parties to focus on the issues that are most important to them. In the first one or two mediation sessions time will be spent looking back at past key conflicts with the goal of also having a future focused conversation afterward.

The goals for mediation are defined by the parties and may include strategy for future communication, clarified expectations, a greater understanding of past events and intentions, and schedules or time lines for commitments made.

Fees: Our services are covered in part by United Way, and donations are appreciated.

To find out if we can help you with your specific situation please call our intake line at 204-925-3422.

Click here to download the Community Resolution Centre Intake Application.