Neighbourhood Conflict

Community Resolution Centre

Conflict within our communities is natural, and can often benefit from intervention from a neutral third party.

Neighbourhood conflict encompasses a variety of situations in which individuals from the community find themselves in dispute with each other regarding issues that may not be addressed by municipal bylaws or the Criminal Code. Some examples of this are property line issues, trees, offensive behaviors, and snow clearing.

Often the issues that are identified above are symptomatic of underlying concerns that can be addressed through mediation. Mediation allows neighbours who are in conflict with each other to discuss their concerns in a neutral and safe environment where they can be heard, and work towards an agreement that works for both of them.

Contact Mediation Services intake line at 204-925-3422 to discuss your concerns with our intake worker. They will forward you the intake application form to fill out and to send back to us. Once we receive the form we will open the file, assign a caseworker and coordinate individual meeting times with both parties. Mediation Services will then conduct a mediation session between the two parties to help them generate understanding of each other’s issues and concerns, and to work towards an agreement. If the parties reach a verbal agreement we can draft a written agreement for them if desired. An agreement established through mediation is a binding document.

What are your fees? A neighbourhood conflict resolution services is offered at no cost to the participants, and donations are always welcome. Contact us for more information.

Click here to download the Community Resolution Centre Intake Application.