Workplace Conflict

Community Resolution Centre

Each year organizations spend thousands of dollars paying individuals on sick leave, fighting grievances, and in hiring new employees because of unaddressed workplace conflict. Often small misunderstandings can grow and escalate to harassment complaints to human resources. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Managing conflict quickly after it arises prevents further escalation and creates opportunities for stronger and healthier working environments.

Often organizations can handle these conflicts on their own, but sometimes an external third party can be extremely valuable. Mediation Services will work with staff management, human resources, directors, and/or board members to address internal workplace conflict. Mediation Services will speak to each of the parties involved in the conflict, determine if mediation is the correct process to pursue, and if applicable we will proceed with a mediation process. If an agreement is reached between the parties a memorandum of understanding can be drafted.

Agreements often include an action plan between parties and how they will conduct themselves at work, guidelines for communication, and ways they will hold each other accountable. Sometimes requests for training in communication or feedback can be outcomes as well. At the conclusion of the process Mediation Services will provide a summary to the employer as well as recommendations for moving forward if applicable.

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