Coaching for Resolution

| Posted on June 29, 2016


2 Day Course | $550

What do you do when coworkers, friends or family ask you for support as they struggle through conflict? Participants will learn skills and techniques that will help them coach others towards creating lasting solutions.

Course Objectives

Participants attending this workshop will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand the role of a conflict resolution coach and to become aware of both its opportunities and limitations
  • Gain insight into the areas in their lives in which they play the role of coach, as well as reflect on new opportunities to influence the resolution of conflict in collaborative ways
  • Learn and practice key elements of the resolution coaching process
  • Explore the effect assumptions, about conflict, have on their responses to conflict, particularly as an informal third-party
  • Increase their ability to analyze conflict situations in the role of an informal third-party

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