Conflict Management Certificate

| Posted on February 10, 2017


Our Conflict Management Skills Certificate is geared towards leaders and managers who want to effectively lead their organizations through change and conflict.  Conflict Management Skills courses equip you with tools that can enhance your leadership ability and prepare you to prevent or successfully manage conflict.

Registration in the Conflict Management Skills Certificate program is a one time fee of $50 which covers all administrative expenses. A list of course requirements is shown for your convenience. To register for these course you can go back to the Training Program page and select the course you like. The handy online registration allows you to pay for your course.

Conflict Management Skills Certificate requirements:

Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Dealing With Difficult People2 days
Culture & Conflict2 days
Dealing With Anger2 days
Coaching for Resolution2 days
Effective Feedback2 days
Mediation Skills for Leaders2 days
Elective courses4 days
TOTAL16 days

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