Dealing with Anger

| Posted on June 9, 2016


2 Day Course | $550

Anger can be an intense and even intimidating emotion. This makes dealing with anger, while in conflict, a particular challenge. Increase your self-awareness around anger, and explore healthy, productive ways to manage and respond to anger, both within yourself and with others.
Please note: This is not anger management therapy.

Course Objectives

Participants attending this workshop will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand why we get angry
  • Understand the way our bodies react when we are angry and why people behave differently in response to anger
  • Gain self-awareness regarding their own beliefs about anger and their patterns of response
  • Learn to respond more effectively and communicate to their own anger
  • Practice responding effectively to another’s anger using specific communication skills and strategies
  • Increase their overall confidence about responding to anger on a day-to-day basis in healthy, constructive, and creative ways

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