Introduction to Mediation: Building a Foundation for Practice

| Posted on June 29, 2016


2 Day Course | $550

This two-day workshop serves as a primer for all other courses related to mediation. It is designed to build a core foundation of knowledge about the wide-ranging understanding of the practice of mediation. It will also challenge ones world view and its connection to the philosophies which guide this practice. Participants will explore different philosophies, definitions, practices and models of mediation.

Course Objectives

Participants attending this workshop will have the opportunity to:

  • Create a safe community in which learning is fun, interesting, and inspiring
  • Understand some of the different world views which give rise to different definitions and practices of mediation and begin to identify which resonate most deeply with who you are
  • Introduce some of the biases of Resolution Skills Centre; in particular, the philosophy of restorative justice
  • Explore some of the scope of how mediation is currently being used, in part by hearing from people who are actually practicing different forms in our community
  • Experiment with some of the models currently in use in schools, criminal justice, workplace and other community settings
  • Increase your overall understanding of the field and capacity to effectively plan your own program of study related to mediation

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