Leadership Skills Certificate

| Posted on February 10, 2017


Our Leadership Development Certificate is geared for people working in a leadership capacity or those who are looking to expand their knowledge about themselves, as leaders, and how they can improve their skills and those of the people working for them. The leadership development certificate program is a combination of our conflict resolution skills with the addition of some specific leadership models. All courses include hands-on practice followed by debriefing session with experience facilitators.

Registration in the Leadership Skills Certificate program is a one time fee of $50 which covers all administrative expenses. A list of course requirements is shown for your convenience. To register for these course you can go back to the Training Program page and select the course you like. The handy online registration allows you to pay for your course.

Leadership Skills Certificate requirements:

Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People2 days
Dealing with Anger2 days
Coaching for Resolution2 days
Effective Feedback2 days
Mediation Skills for Leaders2 days
Assessing Your Organization1 day
Building Respectful Workplaces1 day
Elective courses4 days
Total16 days

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