Lunch & Learn Series

Geared for the busy professional, our Lunch and Learn series provides a fast-paced learning environment on issues of professional interest, served alongside a tasty meal. 

$50 each

Attend 5 Lunch and Learns and receive 1 day towards your certificate.

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September 7, 2016

Coaching for Performance with Michael Lebun

When leaders and mentors want to motivate people they may discover that what motivates them does not necessarily motivate others. In coaching for performance, the coach increases employee’s self-awareness of their internal workings, resulting in people who understand what they do, manage their own motivations and perform at ever-increasing levels of excellence – with or without the leader present. While this is a stand-alone session, it is also a taste of what will be offered during the full day workshop on Coaching for Performance to be held on April 12, 2017.

January 19, 2017

Building Consensus with Jacob Carson

Our Lunch & Learn explores the benefits and challenges of consensus-based decision making and provides specific contexts and ways to use the consensus process within your organization. Discussion topics include consensus principles and definitions, a consensus building model, and guidelines for implementation. This stand-alone session is just a taste of what will be offered in the full day workshop to be held March 7, 2017

March 9, 2017

Essentials of Leadership with Ken Allen

This foundational course provides an overview of the fundamental roles, responsibilities and characteristics of an effective leader. Some of the topics covered include: key leadership competencies, stages of team development, delegation, work planning, and employee performance management. This stand-alone session is just a taste of what will be offered in the full day Foundations of Leadership Level 1 workshop to be held May 4, 2017 and the follow-up Foundations of Leadership Level 2 session to be held on June 15, 2017

May 24, 2017

Understanding Mindfulness with Karen Stern

Mindfulness, the practice of being present in the moment without passing judgment, has exploded in popularity over the last decade. An abundance of research demonstrates that practicing mindfulness reduces stress and depression and can improve memory and focus. It has also been shown to lead to improved relationships and the ability to resolve conflicts in a less stressful manner. People who regularly practice mindfulness report that they experience increased happiness and contentment in life. Please join us as we learn more about mindfulness and how to put it into practice.